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Centre for dental care is a product of the imagination of Dr. Shrikant Nair, who decided to let go off some rather lucrative career options overseas and else where to comeback to the city of his birth. A city that is not only close to his heart, it is his life line he also draws inspiration from the founder of the city and the ideals on which it was founded.

Shri J.N.Tata the founder of the city

Here at CDC the onus is on patient satisfaction and patient benefit before all other, here we attempt to help people with their dental problems and not merely treat the effected tooth. Often many a good dentist get so involved in treating a single tooth that he forgets the person attached to the tooth. Here at CDC never does this happen, for each person is viewed in toto and not just as an offending tooth problem.

The fact that CDC has done well in the short span of three years that it has been around can be attributed to the level of commitment to the profession and genuine concern that our patients have felt towards them.

Over time we have realized that dentistry is not a 9 to 5 job as widely perceived but a job that requires 24 X 7 dedication, such that there’s always a friendly person to guide you through and help you out on the phone even after closing hours of the clinic.     

The staff at CDC acknowledges the fact that the things said here might appear to be bloated, however this is not so and we have the expertise and the commitment to back our claims to the hilt. That is why you will never encounter our advertisements on the telephone or in print, for we have always said… we don’t claim that we are the best but it certainly does feel nice when our patients say so.


 The Team

dr. nair with patients, Dr Sarmeshta Soni, Centre For Dental CareDr. Shrikant Nair is an alumnus of CODS Mangalore (BDS) and Meenakshi Ammal Dental College, Chennai (MDS-Prosthodontics). He is a student of among others Dr. EMN Naidu, Dr. Mathai Joseph, Dr, Chandrashekhar Nair and Dr. Prateek Shetty, as he puts it the one thing that he has been lucky with are good teachers.He is also lucky to have learnt patient management skills from three rather lovely ladies, Dr. Annapoorni, Dr.Sivagami and Dr.Sanjana. As he puts it they all made sure that he learnt his stuff right.

A warm and friendly person, he is genuinely concerned about his patients and this shows in the affection patients have towards him. Committed to the quality of work done, he is obsessed with the idea of absolute infection control.

An Asst. Prof at Awadh Dental College, he is also an amateur storywriter and dreams of the day when his collection of short stories will be in print.


Dr. K. V. Sebastian, Dr Sarmeshta Soni, Centre For Dental Care

Dr. K.V. Sebastian (Seby for friends) is an alumnus of GDC’s Calicut and Chennai the latter from where he completed his masters in Oral and Maxillo-facial Surgery under the able guidance of Dr. Padmanabhan among others.

A quiet unassuming bloke, he is known for his no nonsense approach and his ethics. He has the habit of making difficult cases appear rather simple. He is also attached with the TMH.



Dr. Amesh Golwara, Dr Sarmeshta Soni, Centre For Dental CareDr. Amesh Golwara is a fine product of his teacher/guru Dr. Sadashiva Shetty (of Davangere) who is widely regarded as the Guru Drona of Orthodontics in the country. An Asst. Prof of Buddha Dental College, Patna, is a bundle of energy and can literally go on and on for hours at end with very little sustenance (our very own Duracell).

His knowledge of the subject and patient handling skills are second to none and is also involved in many continuing dental education programmes.

Dr Sarmeshta Soni
Dr Sarmeshta Soni, Centre For Dental CareA graduate from college of dental sciences Davengere regards it her good fortune to have done her post graduation under the able and rather strict guidance of Dr.Devender Kaur Baweja at PMNM Dental College and Hospital Bagalkot. She believes that her innate hardworking potential was brought to the fore by Dr Sandhya Devi Patil, who believed very truly, that there is no substitute for hard work (and might we add that she indeed does her work rather diligently). The essence of being a good pedodontist is one thing that she squarely attributes to Dr. Swati Lele.
And lastly but definitely not in a small measure does she give obeisance’s to Dr. R. V. Subramaniam who taught her to give her best shot every single time.

The unassuming lady finds that there is nothing more satisfying than bringing a smile to the lips of a crying child. A kind person at heart she is in her element when it comes to helping wounded animals at times at grave risk to self.

Dr. Manoj Kumar Singh an MDS in Periodontia from HKE Dental College, Gulbarga under the guidance of Dr. Dr. Manoj Kumar Singh, Centre For Dental CareVeena Patil, had his initial dental education at college of dental sciences Davengere. Attached at present with Gurunanak dental college Calcutta, regards his present boss Dr. T.K.Pal as his ideal among others who include, Dr. Nitish Shrutu, Dr. Ramesh Chowdhry and Dr. R.V. Subramaniam.

Forever interested in expanding the aegis of his work, he is at present undertaking research work on palatal print and periodontal relationship.

His special interests in the field of periodontia include the field of implantology and the regenerative procedures of GTR and GBR (this has nothing to do with Mr. Gordon Brown and the revival of the economy of Great Britain).



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